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Future Plans and Present Difficulties

Hello gentle strangers,

Hope you all enjoyed the first episode. If, for some reason, you are here but have not listened to the first episode, then you should do so now (and I hope you enjoy it). The intention with Human Circus has been to release episodes bi-weekly, and it just so happens that today, Friday, January the 27th, should mark the release of episode two. Sadly, I have been struck down by a non-fatal plague and will not be able to fulfill this promise, but I trust you’ll forgive me. Look for the new episode on Monday or Tuesday when I’ll, presumably, be well enough to record, edit, etc.

Our second episode will continue Johann Schiltberger’s story into the Ottoman domains and under the rule of Bayezid. We’ll talk a little about the origins of the Ottomans, a bizarre incident involving thousands of snakes, and Schiltberger’s escape attempt, before meeting the new terror of the Steppe: Timur.

The Schiltberger series should run 4, or possibly 5, episodes, and following that I’m thinking of doing a few one-off episodes focussing on some of the characters we’ve met in the Schiltberger narrative but not really had time to give any attention to. Boucicaut is a strong possibility. Though I haven’t fully decided yet, the series after Schiltberger’s may be focussed on Timur. We shall see.


The Travels of Johann Schiltberger 1: The Battle of Nicopolis

This episode, we begin the travels of Johann Schiltberger, a 14th/15th century, Bavarian Marco Polo who left his home for the crusade against the Ottomans and didn’t make it back for a long, long time. In the intervening 30 years, he travelled widely as a prisoner, first with the Ottoman Sultan, Bayezid, and then with Timur (aka Tamerlane) and those who succeeded him, reporting on the world and its monsters, miracles, and numerous battles.

Schiltberger lived a full life at a fascinating time in history. I’ll be telling his story and discussing his times over the course of 4 episodes. With episode one, we’ll take Schiltberger up to the Battle of Nicopolis and the first massive shift in his fortunes. Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for listening, Devon.


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